WOOniversal Truths – Part One

When Bernie was diagnosed with the cancers and the fundraising efforts were started, some of you (justifiably) questioned “why should I donate money to him. He made lots of money from all those P-Funk albums”. Well, he did not. George stole it all and we will show what he did, not only to Bernie but to all members of original Parliament-Funkadelic.

While on tour in Bermuda with Maxine Brown, Bernie received a phone call from George saying he wanted Bernie to join Parliament-Funkadelic . Bernie asked me to go meet with George and negotiate his “deal” – which I did. It was the first of many contracts/agreements that George would go on to break.

Approximately 19??, George told everyone that he’d arranged cars for everyone. This was his idea of a royalty payment as he told the group that he’d gotten a special deal for everyone. While there was some grumbling (“I can buy what I want with my OWN money” – nobody refused. I can’t speak to what was going on in everyone else’s heads but for Bernie, we would buy a car anyway so we accepted and got a Volvo – which was repossessed (along with everyone else’s) a few months later when George neglected to make the payments.