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by Bernie & Judie Worrell”

  1. Unfortunately, it’s a long standing and on going tradition in the ‘music biz’. James Brown, Berry Gordy, etc….all stiffed musicians back in the day, leading to great music and lots of money for them but pennies to those directly involved. Verbal contracts will hold no water in court, forgeries and such are left up to laywers & managers, most of whom are already crooked to begin with. Hate to hear of this divide coming from the mentors of my childhood, we can only hope things come back around the Wooniverse. \m/

  2. My sincere condolences. My question: Did Bernie ever tour with Rita Marley & The I Threes? I thought I remembered seeing him in Buffalo, NY on tour with them. Please confirm???? Thank You!

  3. Judie Worrell
    June 25 at 7:05pm • Everson, WA, United States •
    Somebody just sent this to me cause apparently George Clinton has opened his lying yap again:
    “The passing of Bernie Worrell is a time of “sadness” for George Clinton, the founder of Parliament Funkadelic. “This is a huge loss,” said Clinton in a statement released late Friday, June 24. “The world of music will never be the same. Bernie’s influence and contribution — not just to Funk but also Rock and Hip Hop — will forever be felt. Bernie was a close and personal friend and this is a time of sadness for me personally. P-Funk stands with his family and fans alike in mourning this loss. The world is a little bit darker and a little less funky without Bernie in it.”
    FIRST of all, George, Bernie was a personal and close friend to YOU. YOU were never that to Bernie. Friends don’t lie and steal from friends. When he called you in January and left a message that he’d like just SOME OF THE MONEY YOU STOLE FROM HIM for his cancers, you NEVER even returned his call. So, *I* call you out on YOUR lies. Bernie left you standing on the stage at Webster Hall and walked off hand-in-hand with Falu to send YOU a message. (and, no, for once, I didn’t orchestrate that though I applauded his decision). Readers, know this: George Clinton doesn’t “stand in mourning” with Bernie’s family, friends and fans because not a one of us wants anything to do with him. His time to make peace with Bernie was when Bernie was dying and reached out to him. I have no more time for George Clinton’s lies and obfuscation. At Bernie’s request, when we finished “WOOniversal Truths” by Bernie & Judie Worrell, I am done with George. Once you read the 3rd and final instalment — coming soon, YOU can make up your own mind as to who is telling lies. Cause, guess who has the bankruptcy papers that George pretends are “fictitious”. Why do I have them? Because Bernie and I sued George for the monies he owed Bernie. The only thing Bernie and I asked of you is this: don’t buy anything more from George Clinton (CDs/DVDs etc.) because NOBODY BUT GEORGE GETS PAID — ever!!!!! George, prove me wrong: show us the payments you made to Bernie and the others over the years. As you can’t do that — go away cause, as I’ve told you before: Karma is a bitch and she’s coming for you.

    1. how do i find out more about this!,i went to BBKINGS! to support my artist! but this is fucked up!,im not going to anymore,i know bernie had to have bit his toung to play with george! thats the last time seeing bernie,and he walked by me chillin!,but i know george did that to gary shieder also and a few others!,i want to know more,how? or just come back here?

  4. I congratulate Bernie on long his overdue and much deserved Doctorate! I pray daily for his complete healing and for strength for you all, the family [Judie, please give him a hug for me – I may not stay in touch but B& you know my heart.]

    I know many of the “WOOniversal Truths” firsthand; I know the facts all too well. It’s semi sorta why I get nauseous whenever I hear GC’s name or see his face; or hear anyone saying [or playing] the many pfunk throw away lines “make my funk the pfunk” “everything is on the one” “tear the roof off” “get off your ass & jam” etc ad nauseum… and especially ONE NATION.
    GC screwed MANY young, impressionable, talented people, who fully trusted him; I was one of his many victims. I could’ve been reasonably well off had i gotten what i was owed for co-writing One Nation; to this day I have never gotten a cent [other than an initial 4$ check in 1984] from ANY GC collaborations; in some cases they weren’t collaborations but MY songs, which he outright stole. He had all kinds of sleazy rip off schemes; and he’d rip you off while smiling in your face!
    He brainwashed the globe into thinking he was [as he told me, after robbing me of my rightful One Nation credits/rights; & just before the release of You Should Nuf Bit Fish- which had my song, which he titled Silly Millameter -incorrect spelling and all] he wanted me to sign publishing papers] “I’m on the good guy list now”- that was a LIE! I signed the papers, but as said, all i ever saw was a 4$ check. I tried & tried to ‘get paid’ but never got past Jane Winter, AB’s guard dog, who filed innumerable false copyrights in Bridgeport’s name.
    When I saw GC @Midem in Cannes years back, people were eating him up; treating him like royalty. I sat in on his ‘talk’ & q.&a. – which was sickening, the way people fawned all over him, calling him the Godfather [well, he’s that- a damned criminal] I wanted to yell out ‘WHERE’S MY MONEY, you thieving bastard?” but, chose to preserve my dignity.
    As he was walking out of the auditorium, on his daughter’s arm [she, & siblings, supposedly wrote the lyrics to Silly Millameter -the other song of mine he ‘stole- when they were barely more than fetus; yet another way he stole ‘rights’]
    I approached him- he hadn’t seen me since the 70s so I introduced myself which got me a hug, and him loudly telling his entourage “this is the guy that co-wrote One Nation under A Groove”- [my kingdom to have recorded that]- odd that he couldn’t remember to put that on the album, or pay me.
    Royalties that could [to this day] have made my life easier. went up his nose or into his Canadian [or wherever] bank account. There is a special place in hell for him and Armen Boladian.
    I KNOW GC [& later he & AB] ripped Bernie off from the git go- I saw a good bit of it during my time w/ Backstage Mgmt. In the PFUNK heydey the whole band were imprisoned/ stranded in a downtown L.A. hotel with little to NO Money for weeks; while GC was jet setting around in a haze of ego, weed & coke. There was a hell of a lot of money being made; very few saw much of it.
    When Bernie & Judie went to LA to testify [as in ‘I just Want To’]- years later, the 90s- before a Special Master- I was faxing papers to them from Switzerland; I was hopeful that Bernie would get his ‘intellectual property’ i.e. rights back; that he would indeed get his money, and that I would too; needless to say “we” lost the case [Thanks Judie & Bernie for trying on my behalf] – I had 2 or 3 songs stolen, but Bernie had God knows how many, whole catalogs stolen; it’s beyond criminal and shameful.
    Another “WOOniversal Truth” is that Bernie is not only a great artist, but a great soul. He deserved so much better from someone he worked closely with for so many years; someone he considered a friend. God bless you BW!

    1. Thank you for speaking your truth cause we both know every word is true. As I sit at Bernie’s side as he lies dying, I want one thing: george clinton in jail preferably surrounded by outraged p-funk fans who are incarcerated. Cause none of us will ever see the money he stole

      1. That could be a possibility at least a lawsuit Judie. George deserves to do time for those criminal and malicious acts.

    2. Doug How did George get away with stealing One Nation Under A Groove? Junie Morrisson said he wrote that among other songs but didn’t get credit for it because of George’s contractual obligations with Warner Bros. I didn’t know GC was that deceitful. I sure am not feeling him right about now.

    1. I’m glad Mr. Bernie Worrell got his doctorate. I wish and pray for healing. God bless you Judie for your strengths you demonstrate.

  5. Blessings. You all became big Stars. It was not just Steve’s Sound Shop. Or the EEKC (EAST END Karate Club) Founded by Early Ross. Nor was it Old English 800_Frat The Plainfield P Funk Party givers back in the Day.
    It was the secrets of the Pyramids. The agreements of some Masons that George Clinton had made and told what to say while he was in Newark, NJ. Who even told him to go to Plainfield where he met Billy Nelson, Boodlem, and a few others on the corner of West 4th & Plainfield Ave.

  6. Love and support to you both. Great respect for all you’ve endured. And we know Bernie is the funk man. I would love to see a book about it. Or even write it.

  7. When Bernie joined original Parliament-Funkadelic, the members of Parliament were/are: Calvin Simon, Clarence “Fuzzy” Haskins, Grady Thomas and Ray Davis, George C.

    The members of original Funkadelic were: Billy “Bass” Nelson, Tal Ross, Eddie Hazel, Tiki Fulwood and Bernie Worrell.

    Everyone else came after. The writing team of Bernie and George began at this point. One note: the song “Me & My Folks, You & Your Folks” was co-written by Bill Bass — NOT Judie Jones. “Livng The Life” was co-written by Judie Jones, not Bill Bass. We are working to get these properly credited.

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